We have an exceptional machine outfit particularly in the reaming/milling field. The range of our machine inventory combined with the responsiveness of company means we have a favourable market position for machining large parts.

- Vertical travel: 6,500mm
- Horizontal travel: 24,000mm
- Permitted load on the turntable: 110 tonnes

Boring machine
Number :5
Control :CNC 3CNC 1CNC 2
Number of axes :664
X-stroke (up to) :24000 mm15500 mm10500 mm
Y-stroke (up to) :6500 mm4500 mm3000 mm
Z-stroke (up to) :1400 mm1100 mm800 mm
W-stroke (up to) :1200 mm1150 mm800 mm
Angular head :OuiOuiOui
Universal head :OuiOui
Tool changer :Oui
Admissible load on turntable (tons) :11060
Stroke of the table (mm) :30002400