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Our company is specialised in the manufacture of mechanically welded assemblies and large machined parts. We are located in the Strasbourg region close to France, Germany and Switzerland.

We have more than 30 years of experience in this manufacturing field and our customers include companies in the following sectors:

 Manufacturers of civil engineering equipment
 Crane manufacturers
 Energy production
 Manufacturers of machine tools and storage systems
 Companies rebuilding large machines.

Our capacities for machining parts more than 24 metres in length and with unit weights of 110 tonnes enable us to cover a wide range of work.

Presentation of the team

Our company culture is based on long experience in the metalworking, welding and machining business lines.

Welding :

We have a team of employees made up of
 A welding engineer (EWI)
 welding specialists (EWS)
 COFREND II ultrasound and magnetic particle inspectors
 qualified welders.

Machining :

Our team includes engineers and technicians qualified in the mechanical field.

All our personnel pay great attention to our customers’ requirements, and our customer contact personnel all have technical training and culture.

Quality and certification

ISO 9001-2015
ISO 3834-2
ISO 3834-2
ISO EN 1090

An effective process

Working with CMO Obernai ensures you get the service from a single supplier. We treat your requirement from the first step to delivery. This gives you several advantages:
 You have a single contact throughout your project - Your service provider perfectly understands your challenges and your context
 You benefit from a reliable long-term relationship. Easier logistics.

A facilitated logistics

CMO Obernai’s excellent geographical situation enables goods to be sent quickly and efficiently. There are various methods of transport:
 Water transport 30 minutes away using the Rhine autonomous support and its 450-tonne lifting capacity
 Road access using the A35.

Key figures

A summary of our company in a few figures:
 Capitalization: Capital €4,000,000
 Area of the industrial site: 25,000 m2
 Roofed-in area: 11,000 m2
 Siret No. (company registration number): 40525318800016
 Identification No.: FR85 405 253 188
 Identification No.: DE 227 225 367

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